A Wight

Wights (S."Faerath Haudh") were powerful Spirits which could take possession of dead bodies and often had great knowledge in Dark Sorcery and were sometimes even able to turn their mortal victims into lesser Undead. Wights appeared in a triadic hierarchy, the lowest were the Faer Nibin (S."Petty Wights") or "Grim Wights", followed by the Faerig (S."Lesser Wights") or "Fell Wights" and finally the Faeryn (S."Great Wights") or "Wight-Lords".

Depending on their realm different Kinds of Wights have appeared including the Barrow-wights (also called Mound-wights or Tomb-Wights),Banner-wights, Ice-wights or Frozen Wights, Mountain-wights, Plague-wights, Ruin-wights and the Dievlig-wights of Dunland and Draugar of Rhovanion.


  • MERP:Arnor

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