Whitwell in the Southfarthing

Whitwell was a village in the Shire near Tuckborough.It was a small stopping place with good wells. Taken over by the Tooks abozt TA 1620, Whitwell gained notoriety when its residents started charging tolls and actually held a King's Messenger who refused to pay. A lecture and a stiff fine settled that issue, but Tooks , since that time , were not welcome at Iach Sarn.Paladin Took owned farm lands in Whitwell.

Places of Note

  • The Brook
  • Brookbank Street
  • Chalk Road
  • Escrow Broker Mary Boffin
  • Harrow Road
  • Head Caretaker Aster Bracegirdle
  • Healer Hasculf Goodbody
  • Housing Furnisher Rolf Bracegirdle
  • Milestone
  • Myrtle Court
  • Pleasant Street
  • Supplier & Provisioner Talebot Took
  • Wending Way


About 3018: Aster Bracegirdle Bando Wendingway Basil Goodbody Belgo Brockhouse Hasculf Goodbody Iris Goodbody Mary Boffin Mungo Boffin Rolf Bracegirdle Talebot Took


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