the White Downs

Type: Hills.
Average Hilltop Elevation: 700 - 800 feet.
Length: 100 miles.
Area: 60 square miles.
Geographic Area: Eriador

Low and gentle hills in the Shire, the White Downs (S. "Tyrn Nimrin") were a chalk ridge running through central Siragale, between the Far or Fox Downs and the Green Hills, stretching from the southwestern edge of the Hills of Evendim to the Brandywine just south of Sarn Ford. Originally the pale of mortal settlement,the traditional western limit of the intrusion of men into Siragale, lay along this escarpment, but this changed with the Hobbit grant of 1601.This may have been the boundary originally envisioned for the Shire Grant, but Hobbits had noted that the upper reaches of the Formensiril (Fairwater ) lay beyond the ridge; they had been infiltrating the valleys to the west ever since the beginning of settlement.They later were the site of Michel Delving and a number of other small villages.Beyond them lived beings of the Faerie and less-then-friendly Elves.


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