The Westlands were the known lands between the shores of Lindon in the west and the Sea of Rhûnaer in the east and the Bay of Forochel, the grey mountains

The Westlands

and the Iron Hills to the north and the Bay of Umbar, Harondor and Mordor to the south.The Westlands were a cultural subcontinent affected deeply by the Eldar and Dúnadan Realms and cultures.Most of it´s inhabitants were Middle-Men along with minor realms of lesser Elves (mostly Sindar and Nandor) and a few remnants of the Númenóreans, High-Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits.The common speech of the Westlands was known as the Westron.

The Westlands

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The Westlands - Rivers and Highlands

The Lands of the far North, the eastplain of central Middle-Earth (Palisor, the Farthest east,Far Harad, the Bay of ormal and the Utter south are not parts of the westlands.See:Wild Lands.

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