Waymoot (later "Waymeet"), originally known as Wood Junction in arnorian times, was a Shire village in the Westfarthing on the Great East Road, 15 miles west of Bywater.The town was so called because the main road from Sarn Ford joined the Great East Road at Waymeet. It was one of the headquarters of the Chief's Men during the War of the Ring.

Wood Junction in TA 1640

Two ancient Eriadoran roads came together here. The main route of the Men Caraug, connecting Iach Sarn with Gamwich and Caras Celairnen, intersected at Wood Junction with the Great East Road. The Elves had long laid strictures on building around Wood Junction, logically supposing that a town would spring up at the road junction if they failed to enforce their will. In spite of this, several hundred Eriadorans lived in and around the village. The local Hobbits were servants; the Junction Moot, dominated by a few prosperous merchants and farmers, had been able, so far , to block the little people from owning any property.Marcho Fallohide, worried about this island of Big Folk set squarely in the middle of the Hobbit settlement grant, had put up with the Junction Moot's independent ways as long as they made no open alliance with the Tarmas or other hostile forces. Pete Applely, the Moot's most prominent spokesman since the death of his father a decade ago, played to Marcho's cautious nature while negotiating with Tarma agents secretly. Isumbras Took, currently expanding his clan-holdings south of Wood Junction, did not trust Applely, and had advocated legal appeals and violence if necessary, to enforce Hobbit rights. Muggings, murders ,and robberies had occurred along the vague Tookish-Woodjunction border; rumor had it that the bandits involved were taking payments from both sides.

Waymoot in 3019

Waymoot was still an important junction town in the independent Shire.Muagan Yelloweye, a Dunlandish Half-orc born in the mines around Orthanc , commanded the four-score ruffians barracked here during the reign of Lotho Sackville-Baggins and Sharkey.Lacking the wit or military skills necessary to hold a position elsewhere in Saruman's domain,he was still able to bully local Hobbits and pillage the Westfarthing in his master's name.Muagan was slain by Merry Brandybuck at the Battle of Bywater in TA.3019 and most of his ruffians captured .

Places of Note

  • Mailbox
  • Postman Twofoot
  • staging post
  • Wagon Camp


mid-third Age: Pete Applely

late Third Age: Muagan Yelloweye Postman Twofoot


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