A War-Wolf

"...brutal canines, their throats protected by spiked collars, fangs capped with razor-sharp steel, and instincts honed in the arts of slaying."
-Kuduk Lore I

Often mistaken for wargs, war-wolves (S. "ormaráka"; pl. "ormarákar"; aka "yelmaráka") were huge dogs who had been bred and trained for combat. They were frequently employed in large numbers as trackers, scouts, or as a means of harassing enemy armies. Some, like the war-wolves of Waw, were actually fielded as combat units. Others, such as the war-wolves of Angmar, served as mounts for Orcish raiders and Orc-lords.

These creatures appeared to be just overlarge wolves. This was true, but war-wolves were bolder, more violent, and much more cunning.


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