Wôl was the southernmost of the Shelf-lands situated east of the Mountains of the Wind. Its original Wolîm inhabitants spoke a Pukael-related tongue.Long an important administrative region, Wôl sent many colonists and immigrants to the island of Wâw. By the 15th-century TA, Wôl had become colonized in turn, as Wâw became a great power in its own right. Wôl and Wâw were almost synonymous in the chronicles of their rivals and foes in the post-Lôkhan period.

Places of Note

Âlk Tarsa Âlk Wôl Hothac Smew Hothac Vûlm Lôkhûon Rûseva Tarsûs Taûrsa Wôlac


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon