Vulm Shryak also known as the Isle of Dragons was the easternmost isle in Endor's great Southern Archipelago. It was inhabited by the Vulmaw-descendants of the Surk Wômaw who first settled the area after SA 472. Womûl of Móak conquered the local Drû tribes in SA 474 on behalf of the Hion Jârîs. His elite Vrâk Tanûk (Wm. "Coast Runners"), comprised the first Vûlmaw aristocracy, and their kinsmen still held sway throughout the region. Strangely, though, four sites-the most famous being the Shrine-forges at Leag Oac-remained sacrosanct and uninhabited.

Places of Note


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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