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literally means "Orc", (derived from ancient Elvish Urku or Uruku, "Monster, Demon") but is used exclusively or at last mostly to describe the great Soldier-Orcs.The Term is often used as abbreviated version or westronisation of Uruk-Hai but is sometimes also used to describe greater Orcs or Hobgoblins in general.

In Adûnaic Uruk was the general term for any sort of Orc-creature or Goblin, the word Urûk in Ansith derives from the númenórean term.Other derivations of the Name are Orog (Deep-Orcs), Orsimer (Avarin), Euroz (Plainstongue), Arakî (Old Wômarin), Rakhās (Khuzdul), Ruk, Tanarukk etc..

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