A Tyran Plainsman

The Tyr (D.S."Mist-People") were a group of Peoples in central Middle-Earth in the second Age, they were descendants of the Talatherim of the first Age.The Desdursy, Myri, Langur and Vorgani were their descendants as well as maybe the Dyrians and Kykurians.Maybe also the Fustir-gost, Ky'taari and Syrkakar could be seen as Tyr-offspring.Among all descendants of the Talath the Tyr were often noted for having fair hair and pale complexion, perhaps hinting towards a long forgotten relation to the Hadorians.


Tyran was a language family, descending from the Talatherin dialects of the Tyr-people.


Tyran shares many characteristics with Syrkan and Erlin, languages devised for ICE's Loremaster (ICE Series) and later Shadow World setting.

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