The Tumnogoth Iaur


Tumnogoth Iaur

Tumnogoth Iaur (S. "Old Dwarf Vale", Q. "Tumbo Yarya Naukalieo", Os. "Tumbnauglin",Kh."Zahar-Gamil") The valley once ruled by the Firebeards from Nornhabar, essentially abandoned in the Second Age. Later settlements of Dwarves (of various tribes) existed here in the late Third Age, from ca. 1810, with the emigration of a Broadbeams clan from the Nan-i-Naugrim, and ca. 1990 when a group from Khazad-dûm revived the old agreements with the Harlindonnim, forming a small community under the leadership of a Firebeard craftsman. But these Dwarves were forced from the upper slopes around Nornhabar with the onset of colder winters, and resettled in the valley beneath, building sturdy houses at the confluence of the Nogothir and the Belechir.

The Dwarves of Tumnogath were poor and kept to themselves. Many of their sons had emigrated to the far Iron Hills, and the community stagnated within a few generations. When Thorin and the folk of Erebor came to it, following dire losses in the Goblin Wars (2802), the families there (not numbering more than a few dozen) attached themselves to his ambitious but ill-starred plan to recolonize Nornhabar. While a single generation (including Gimli) grew to dwarfhood in its walls, they were soon evicted by the floods following the Fell Winter of 2911. Thereafter the Dwarvish population consisted of treasure-seekers and travelling tinkers. The bulk of the population removed to the Forered Luin with the Dwarf-king and resettled in Erebor after the death of Smaug.


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