Tulwang and An-Balukkhôr

was situated on an arid peninsula in southwestern Endor, lying between the Belegaer and the Tûr Betark. The Gulf of Harad lay to the north, while the river Norpûl formed it's southern border.


Farijin Nandran Sanar Tuladan Tulwany


Ashatûr Balakhurush Bay of Tulwang Bishra Cape Nisur Kalz Kurzan Kalz Raishoul Kanjar Norjadar Straits of Bishra Zajantak

Settlements and places of note

Abarrûkh Dalgen Dezful Fult Hija Kadar an-Kharadûn Khorsâj Lighthouse at the Bay of Octopuses Marûd Nashar Norjadar Qanath Rumyar Soriya Telarûd


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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