was a horseman and a companion of  Naug Zigildûn II, Ayitula Chinta Kari, Droggo Nimblefingers, and Boah Agonar on a venture through the Trollshaws (possibly about TA 1640).


Tulgas is a Character from the MERP Rulebook mentioned in the example Adventure. He is described as a rider so he is probably a Warrior or a Ranger, his people is not mentioned although he is certainly a mortal man, his name seems to be derived from the Visigoth King Tulga, whose name was also written as Tulgas, or perhaps the russian river Tulgas.Both are propably derived from the gothic word Tulgus meaning Hard, steadfast.Therefore it can be assumed that Tulgas the Horseman was a Northman from Rhovanion.



  • MERP Rulebook 2nd Edition

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