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Schedule Speed

The following estimations are based on calculations made by Karen Wynn Fonstad for her Atlas of Middle-earth.

Traveling by foot:

  • Normal (Road, average terrain): about 2-2,5 miles per hour or about one mile in 24-30 minutes; up to about 30 miles a day
  • Forced March:about 3 miles per hour or about one mile in 20 minutes; up to about 70 miles a day
  • Rough Terrain, no proper Roads: about to 2/3 less than normal;about to less than one mile per hour; about to less than 10 miles per day
  • average traveling: about 12 hours a day
  • unhurried or heavy baggage:about 8,5 hours a day
  • Traveling in rough terrain: down to about 5 hours a day
  • Forced march: up to about 21 hours a day

Traveling by horse:

  • trotting ponies: about 3,4 miles per hour
  • galloping horses: about 6,7 miles per hour
  • galloping Dúnadan Horses: about 7 miles per hour
  • Shadowfax: about up to 20 miles per hour
  • common Horses:about up to 40 miles a day

Traveling by Wain or cart

  • small cart: about 3,6 miles per hour; up to about 40 miles a day

Traveling by ship or boat

  • small boat, floating with current:about 2,8 miles per hour
  • small boat paddled: about 4,1 miles per hour
  • up to about 53 miles a day
  • Ship, rowed against current:about 4,7 miles per hour
  • Ship under Sail (favorable weather): about 7,2 miles per hour
  • up to about 173 miles a day


  • Karen Wynn Fonstad: Atlas of Middle-earth

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