Taurnil the Glademaster

(S "Forest-friend") was a Noldor-Elf from lórien where he held the position of the master of the woodsmen glade.He was the father of Lólindir.

Outer History and speculations

Taurnil as the name for a Galadhrim-Elf occurs twice, one time in MERP as a non-player-character in Lórien and in the background Story of the MERP player Character Lólindir and the second Time in the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game as one of Haldir´s Archers at Helm's Deep.It is tempting to see both taurnils as one and the same character.Also other names of MERP characters such as Léowyn and Fóri reappeared in decipher´s the Lord of the Rings Trading Cards and roleplaying games.


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