The presence of the Silvan Avari beneath the ancient canopy of the Taur Romen or Agasha Dag has leant the high forest with a secret and fairy nature. Many are the magical glades and enchanted pools and streams that wend their bubbling way towards the distant sea.


  • "Taur Rómen" is actually a Quenya name and therefore much more likely a scholary term than the name the elves use for their home themselves.Other maps give the name as Eryn Rhûn which would suit as the sindarin form gondorians would have used and might have been in use among the Silvan-Elves of the region under the influence of Sindarin Emmigrants like Thranduils family.Agasha Dag is thought to be the common Fulyavulthig form most known to the local Dorwinrim and easterlings.Tolkien´s oldest sketches of the northwestlands imply that he at first thought to name this forest Neldoreth.


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