"At first, I thought
Tathorang was white Ogamur, but I quickly realized my error
when I first handled the stuff. Although it bends easily and has
tremendous spring, it doesn't stretch. Tathorang is also extremely
light, even lighter than Galnin, like wood or pumice. Because its
ore is as white as chalk, weighs little, and is found below
limestone intrusions, it is called "Shalk" in the Common
Tongue. I saw some of the ore in the mines of the westernmost
Fifth Deep and understand the comparison. The tremendous
heat and cold used make the metal change its texture, yet it only
enhances the white hue. Actually, more than one fellow I spoke
with thinks it glows...
-Eldacil Camthalion of Andrath, Eldacil's diaries, last week of Cerveth, 1410

Tathorang (S.“Willow-iron” W.Tasarang) was a very flexible and light enchanted alloy of chalk-white colour.It was also known as Fairy-Iron or Shalk.


  • MERP Rulebook 2nd Edition