Tarmalands and the Shire

  • Type: Fortified Mansion
  • Inhabitants: 100% Dúnadan
  • Population: 82
  • Origin: Built by the Tarma family in TA 2.
  • Purpose: A rural power base and summer retreat for the Lords of the Tarma lands.
  • Symbol: A Green Pillar surrounded by Seven Stars.

The Tarmas were second in power only to the King yet himself, and they had a history of in subordination against the throne. Surprisingly , their seat of power was not a well defended fortress, but rather a pleasant and open estate filled with dozens of relatives, near-kinsmen, and servants.

In the later Third Age Tarmabar became a secret Haven of the Rangers of the North.The old ruins were known to the Hobbits as "Nob Hill".


  • MERP:Arnor
  • MERP:The Shire

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