According to the The Teaching of Bero Targrin was one of the five first shapeshifters among the Men of the misty mountains.The House of Targrin plead on him as their ancestor.

outer history and criticism

Like all old rhovanian languages Atliduk, the tongue of the Beijabar is usually represented by latinized gothic.However the name targrin seems obscure and neither gothic nor anglo-saxon.The -grin Element could stem from grindan (to grind) or be a misspelling of -grim, while the first Element tar- may be related to anglo-saxon targe (small shield, buckler) or taru (tear).The proper Old Rhovanian (Latinized Gothic) form could have been "Tagrinnia".

Original Forms: Bair - Bero


  • Beornings and Woodmen (Essay), by Anna Arquette 1995, originally conceived as a contribution to Rohirrim and Other Northmen, a projected volume in ICE's "Peoples of Middle-earth" series which never reached completion.