Sulcu the Smith

(Av."Wind-Arch"; PQ."Súrkûna"; Q."Cúsúrinen") was a legendary elven-smith, a pupil of CurufinFeanor's fifth son. After the tragedies of the First Age, Sulcu seems to have fled into the Utter East and probably found refuge among the Avari elves.He was the creator of the Ayîg Khig, the great forges in Aegan and probably was the teacher of the Wômaw-smiths who, with his knowledge, created the famous Soeyaed ("Dragon-helms").It is unknown what happened to him after the Avari of Aegan and Helcar Sael had returned to the realm of Helcanen, due to the growing influence of the dragon Utumkodur over the forming Wômaw-reach.

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