A Stonefoot-Lord

The Stonefoots, also known as Malin´s or Vigdis' folk, were one of the seven tribes of the Khazâd. They were also known as the "Red Dwarves".


The extremely loyal Stonefoots or Jewel-Dwarfs were one of the two tribes of Eastern Middle-Earth. Awoken in the Red Mountains along with their fellow Tribe, the Blacklocks, the Stonefoots were the Clan of Malin or Vigdis.

After a Golden Fire Dragon drove the dwarfs away from their awakening Place, the great North-Hall near the Ganadlû Pass, the Stonefoots went Southwards and founded the Great City of Khazad-Madûr in Akhuzdah (Ahulë), later they also built an Overground religious centre, the Khalarazûm.

Only 7 years after the founding of Tumanahal, the second Dwarven tribe came to Ruuriik. They arrived in hope of settling in the northern part of the Walled Land, for their lord, the aged Malin Northern King. Vigdis’s folk received all the lands north of the Faliodukûm. The two tribes had little trouble in prospering, despite the occasional forays from the Fale tribes and the servants of the Kank of Ruartar. 453 after the founding of Ruuriik, Muar – a Demon from Uab and Uax appeared in Ralian, and conquerred Ruuriik in SA 1157. The tragic tale of Ruuriik ended centuries later, in SA 2742 (Fulla VII crowned as King of Ruuriik, heir of Vigdis’s line).


A Stonefoot Elder

Kings of the Stonefoots

0. Malin
0. Malin II North-King 1st Age -?
0. Vigdis 1st Age, ruling Queen
1. Vigdis II 721-814 SA
2. Druhar Dawnwarrior 814-899 SA
3. Drus II the Bold 853-909 SA
4. Darim Wolfsbane 909-1011 SA
5. Burin 1011 -1032 SA
6. Glein 1032-1103 SA
7. Drarin the Fool 1103-1157 SA
8. Malin III - 1157 SA
9. Gurn II the Survivor Lord 1157-?



Stonefoot Dwarves with their remarkeable reddish skin

The Stonefoots were especially known as great artists, skilled in the work with Marble, but they also were busy Merchants. They were called "Red Dwarves" for dyeing their Hair and skin with a special red colour, made from a rock of the Orocarni.


Stonefoots of Renown