The Spring Equinox was a widespread holyday in Middle-Earth. High-Elves and Númenóreans called it tuilérë.The Northmen knew it as lencten-líc or Sawig Halideg or celebrated their Ripening or Reping festivals in Springtime, close to the Equinox. Elves saw Spring as the beginning of their new year and celebrated the beginning of Tuilë with a festival day, tuilérë, near but not exactly on the day of the northward equinox.Originally the Eldar had celebrated Yestarë, their New Year on or near the Spring Equinox and as such it was still kept in several elven Valendars such as the Rivendell Reckoning.The Dúnedain moved their New Year towards Midwinter, but kept the Name.


Names of Spring Celebrations

  • lencten-líc - Northron spring festival day - ca. modern 1st-2nd february
  • Reping - Eriadorian Spring Festival - ca. march 27. -may 5th
  • Ripening
  • Sawig Halideg
  • Spring
  • Springfest
  • Springtime
  • tuilérë
  • Yestare

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