Archer2 (2)

Sheynk was an adventurer of Dorwinian and Easterling provenance, he accompanied a group of travelers including Tulgas, Báli Redhelm, Shen-Tyga and Varak Tanuk on a perilous journey through the Trollshaw Forest, where Sheynk´s skills as a scout and Archer proved valuable as the wayward wanderers stumbled upon a group of Orcs, squatting in an old Arnorian Ruin.


was a Character from the example Adventure in the MERP Rulebook.Neither his Class nor his people is revealed although he is an Archer (so most likely either a Warrior , Scout or Ranger) and apparently a mortal man, maybe a Dorwinian or Easterling since his name comes from none of the known languages of the Westlands.


  • MERP Rulebook 2nd Edition