Uncommon but well-feared, the huge Sea Carchadils (S. Crocodiles) resembled Fell Beasts without wings. They were gracile, dark blue, and had black stripes running down the backs of their horny backs. Many chroniclers believed they were related to Water-drakes, for sea crocodiles had enlongated conical grasping teeth in the forward part of their snouts that extended well outside their mouths. All other members of the crocodile family had shorter fangs that fit into notches or pits in their upper jaw.

Like sea monsters, sea crocodiles were prone to attack smaller ships, seeking to puncture hulls with their mighty jaws, then waiting for the ship to founder. Nesting in secluded bays or in coastal caves, they also presented a danger on land as well.

Outer Information

Middle-Earth Crocodiles or Assangar are more similar to prehistoric Crurotarsi, especially european Phytosaurs as the Belodon, Ebrachosuchus, Francosuchus, Paleorhinus, Nicrosaurus, Mystriosuchus, Mesorhinosuchus, Machaeroprosopus and Leptosuchus may be possible models but also Aetosaurs, Paratypothoraxes, Stagonolepis and Aetosaurs and Paracrocodylomorpha may be possible inspirations.


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