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Haradrim Scouts

A Scout could be an agent or soldier trained in surveillance and slipping behind enemy lines or a Spy or Informer, infiltrating enemies homes and gathering informations.The Sindarin term for a scout or spy was Ethir, in Gondor Spies or Agents were also known as Hin (S."Eyes").

Scouts and spies of renown


In MERP the scout is a playable class.Notable Spy-Rings or information Agencies in Middle-Earth were:

Persons skilled in finding missed things were often called Finders, these finders could also be considered Scouts, Delvers, Seekers or Treasure Hunters in Roleplaying.


Rolemaster has similar professions including Sleuth, Outrider,Magent, Ninja.


In LOTRRPG the Spy is an Elite-Order.

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