Ruins of Amon Sarn at Sarn Ford


Sarn Castle

Sarn Castle or Amon Sarn was an old tower and a ruin on the hill of the same name opposite the mannish town of Iach Mardi in the Sarn Cantons.The original tower had been built by Gil-galad and was set in the eastern

boundary of the kingdom of Lindon along the Baranduin, he decided to fortify the place.During the War of the Elves and Sauron in S.A. 1699, when Sauron's armies swept across the ford a quartet of Demontrolls took the Elven spire by storm. After Sauron was driven from Eriador, the blood of the three feadegnir— who died destroying Amon Sarn—still tainted the ruins, and the Elves gave up the idea of fortifying this part of their frontier.Dwarves from Khazad-dum later built a small tower near the poisoned site, and held it for the rest of the Age.

In the Third Age the Dúnedain Kings of Arnor built a castle near the older elven ruins to guard the village of Stonehill and the other Sarn Settlements.The only large-scale Dunadan fortification ever erected in Siragale, Sarn Castle was pleasing in its aspect without loosing the intimidating character that was part of any fortification built for military purposes.The keep had never had to withstand a prolonged siege.The remoteness of its location and an awareness of the power of the Elves hidden in the nearby forests had aided its deterrent mission, but Sarn Castle was also well placed and well built.It sat on an artificial hill of granite and limestone rising almost 40' above the highest flood line of the lower Brandywine.The slopes of the hill directly beneath the castle walls were faced by an "apron" of black marble to ward off siege engines.The curtain wall itself rose 40 ' above its base.Its outer face was built up with ribbons of richly colored local stones in red, brown, blue-grey, and black.Like the citadel of Fornost and the walls of Minas Anor in Gondor, Sarn Castle's outer surface was sealed and smoothed by fire and magic, giving it a polished appearance in wet weather .

After the fall of Arthedain, Sarn Ford became the center for a collection of farming villages on the edge of the prairie wilds of Minhiriath.The castle at Iach Sarn crumbled away, and most local Hobbits moved to the Shire.


mid-Third Age:

Amrod Noirin Bregolas Culnandor Imberin Ninlindle Ingwe Tarma Mallindor Rhamdir Marach Brighthall Orodreth Gondlammen Tuminir Bearstrike Valandil Taracoron Voromir Holdblade

late Third Age: Nuag Well Guardian


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