Wilderland or Rhovanion

, or Wilderland, was home to Thranduil's Wood-elves, the Dwarves of the Iron Hills, and various Northmen groups of the mountains, woods, and plains. It was a rugged region untamed by any dominant civilization.

The Land

  • Type: Steppeland Plains; Mixed Forests
  • Area: 187.500 square miles.
  • Elevation: average. 930 feet. lowest point. Nindalf (S. "Heron Marshes") 380 feet. highest point. Erebor (S. "Lonely Mountain") 7,182 feet.
  • Climate: average annual precipitation: 20-40 inches. mean annual temperature. 45-55°F average low. Ninui-15°F average high. Urui75°F
  • Composition: Sedimentary layers, primarily limestone and chalk, made up most of the Rhovanion plains. In places, folding and erosion had produced downs, long ridges of exposed rock which cut across the prairie. A few sites revealed some igneous activity, particularly Erebor. which was made up of granite and basalt. Few topographic features of note otherwise disturbed the landscape, which undulated in gently rolling hills for mile after mile. If there was any mineral wealth in the region, the Northmen did not exploit it. contented to import their metals from the Dwarves, the Dunedain, and the Men of the East.
  • Notes: The name Rhovanion usually referred to the entire region bordered by the Hithaeglir, the Ered Mithrin, the Anduin, the Ered Lithui, and the Sea of Rhun, encompassing Mirkwood and the Anduin Vales.Tall grasses predominated south of Mirkwood. while shorter ones were more common farther north. Some small copses of elm and maple grew where there was shelter from the winds, which exceeded 40 mph on a regular basis.

Rhovanion in TA 1650

Aivathiuda divided among six tribes, Gramas among four; land held by family groups.

  • Population: 8,000 Aivathiuda, 3,000 Gramas.
  • Military: 800 Aivathiuda Cavalry.1.200 Aivathiudan Levy Cavalry.75 Grama Warriors.150 Grama Levy Warriors.
  • Products: Cram, horses, mercenaries.
  • Symbol: Aivathiuda: White Horse on a Green Field. Grama: A Golden Sheaf of Grain on an Amber Field.

The Northmen who inhabited the plains of Rhovanion east of Mirkwood formed two distinct groups.The semi-nomadic Aivathiuda were by far the largest, but their primitive existence followed their herds of horses and cattle diminished their stature in the eyes of the Gondorians and the more urban Northmen from Dale and Esgaroth. The Grama had adopted a more settled agricultural life, tilling their fields in Mirkwood's eastern Bight with crude implements. A collection of small towns and villages formed the core of Grama society, and regular trade had grown between the communities and with Gondor. The Aivathiuda, on the other hand, remained suspicious of outsiders, and their culture was still very much a warrior society. The Aivathiuda traded only with their Grama kinsfolk, for their differing lifestyles had not yet disturbed the bonds of kinship and common heritage. Gondor eagerly maintained ties with these Northmen for the sake of her cavalry. The horses raised on the Rhovanian plains surpassed any native to Middle-earth. Furthermore, Aivathiudan auxiliaries had won several key victories in the wars for Gondor's borders. The Grama acted as intermediaries in this exchange, and all parties involved benefited to their satisfaction. The Grama produced grain, but their methods were still too crude to produce an exportable surplus. Instead, they relied upon the bounty of their herds for goods to exchange with Gondor and Esgaroth, and to a lesser extent the Men of Dorwinion and the primitive folk who lived within Mirkwood. The Northmen regarded the forest with fear and awe. the home of the baneful magics of Elves and the Necromancer. To their horror, the wood appeared to be growing, engulfing several villages since the Great Plague. Trade with the South had brought many innovations to the Northmen. Steel items now complemented the iron ones forged by Northman smiths. Improved agricultural techniques increase the Grama's yield each year, and the Thanes hoped to export grain to a hungry Gondorian nation within a decade. The sudden advancement had left both Grama and aivathiuda in shock. Their isolated and primitive existence was suddenly interrupted by pressures to trade on an international market. The Aivathiuda found their warlike attitudes obsolete among the merchants of distant lands, so they kept their distance from outsiders, occasionally offering to strike against the tribes of wandering Easterlings who had recently begun to move into Rhovanion in force. The Plague wrought untold devastation among the Northmen, who were first to receive its wrath. Many earlier advances made with the help of Gondor were lost, and contact with the Dúnedain diminished. The Northmen remained a loose collection of tribes, more loyal to their kinsfolk than to any broader concept of nationhood.Only once before had a man succeeded in uniting the scattered tribes. Four hundred years before the Plague, a Reik of the Waldandungs named Vidugavia united the Northmen in an alliance to aid Gondor defeat an army of Easterlings. His government, however, was based solely on his personal charisma, and his descendants failed to hold his coalition together. In T . A . 1640, the Waldungs were still the most powerful tribe, and each Thane hoped one day to reproduce the success of Vidugavia. Most of the Grama tribes owed allegiance to the Waldungs, which they confirmed each year with the offering of gifts of tribute and friendship. The Aivathiuda kept their distance from any thoughts of coalition. Though they recognized a Thane as a "first among equals," they proudly maintained their tradition of small, independent clans.


Ainur: Necromancer Radagast Slyardach

Dwarves: Ai Azaghal Balfor Barin Greycloak Bori Dain Ironfoot Frár the Beardless Fulla III Ginar Grór Hanar Hón daughter of Hanar Móna Nár Thrór Tindri Vali

Elves: Arien Camthalion Ellaras Huinen the Seer Itaril Lianna Legolas Ohtar Oropher Ringlin Tauriel Thranduil


other: Korun Lhachglin Orduclax

Orcs: Azog Bolg Drurgandra Druzhag the Beastcaller Great goblin Rugash Sark

Trolls: Louis Morris Rupert Skessa Stuart Wodurishak

Other:Enna San Sarab Gwaihir Meneldor Landroval Steed of the Moon Wilyador






  • Scouts of the Southern Wilds

settlements and points of interest


Placenames in Rhovanion

1650 TA: Achnod Iaun Aerdicsbern Agistath Aldburh Alduringard Althrith Amon Angened Amon Bauglir Amon Lanc Amon Tamró Amon Thyryn Antharsbaurg Anvilmount Anwuning Ashkadurl Ashkandar Ashkirir Athrad Sirros Avar Tombs Azanulinbar-dum Bairalasbaurg Bar-en-Bairanax Barak-shathur Baraldrin's Gate Bat Dome Beacon Tower Bernfeld Beornan's Home Black Knob Black Tarn Brugath Traim Burgan Stath Burh Afon Buhr Ailgra Burh Chep Burh Darni Burh Gram Burh Hleow Burh Marden Burh Marhling Burh Maridais Burh Sauthis Burh Scath Burh Seath Burh Shalca Burh Thaunyol Burh Thingstat Burh Thurasig Burh Tregarth Burh Waldmarh Burh Widu Burh Wraec Camlan's Refuge Caradsurga Caras Amarth Caras Gwindor Carrock Carvarad Casherd Cave of the Bulor-Ilg Ceber Fanuin Celebannon Celebost Cirith-Auris Cirith Gondmaeglom Cirith Himninond Cirith Mithlin Clanbyrst Cleofacot Cor Angaladh Cor Taurmallor Cotstow Crundel Daedric's Gap Dain's Halls Dale Dallarandil Den Lóke Deneral Dol Guldur Dolentir Dollantir Dor Lhingvar Dor Naurhach Drinbar Dundok Dungirith Durkandar Dúrond Guroth Dying Glacier Dyn Odoric Eagduru Eithel Celebrin Eldrast Elrungagard Eorcan Erebor Ermanareiksbaurg [[Eryn Dolen Eryn Rhunen Esgaroth Far Bank Fenbridge Castle Fenburg Feotlingegeard Flahoz-Blogrum Foldbold Forodim Forest Gate Forodrain Fradurag's Cave Framsburg Gadrauhtsbaurg Galbrethin Galgorin Gallor's Keep Gamolberg Gelebrin Goat Mountain Gobbleswell Gondmaeglom Grasgard the Grotto Gulch Hill Guldur Moathouse Gundabad Haradruin Harnrain Haudh Haudh-en-Aiganaur Haudh-en-Ohtarrin-Morin Hawrim-Taigh Hatherbold High Hill Hollow Dwellings Iach Celduin Iath Iaur Ilanin Ilmaryen Ire-rock Kaerst Kala Dularkurth Kardavan Karfas Khurvasagh Killindrow Kirikhgathol Klainibrist Klyaxar's Lair Lag-auris Lag-dagur Lag-Hundur Lag-lhach Lag-orod Lag-thrugrim Lag-ulurikon Lair of Nimanaur Lar-Huil Lar-huz Lar-sagra Leodholt Leovidukas Lindil Londaroth Lonely Hill Lonely Hill Cave Long Marish Long Peak Long-spring House Lugdûm Lughâsh Maedwe-dukas Mael Methelburg Maltir Meke Larnis Meonid's Watch Mere of Roots Morwatha's Tower Mount Udunanca Nahald Kudan Naquath Hlain Norr-Dûm Old Forest Hold Ost-in-Geil Ost-in-Ery Othlebed Paidareiksbaurg Pardfan Pentstow Refugee Maethren Rhosgobel Rof's Wood-Cave Romenost Saidalburh Sairtheod Sant Annui Sarn Goriwing Sarn Lothduin Sarnen Thuringwath Seleburg Shab Arch Silver-pit Shirklunamat Silverplunge Skauril's lair Skepuholc Skessaholc Smalug Sorrowdrop Spider's Lair Stahnoholt Stath Thliuhande Steelfall Stillwalk Smial Stone Bridge Stoor Harbor Strayhold Sunnagadal Surgax Ukog Taur Philinn Tel Belarin Tel Verenaer Thistledow Thollakar Thorontir Thranduil's Halls Thundercleft Thuringwathost Tir Anduin Tir Ethraid Tir Ingon Tir Nimmen Tir Nindor Tol Malbor Tower of the Wolf-friend Tumsarna Tuwurdrog Tyrant's Hill Udrabax Ugulai Uldonavan Ulgarstat Urdubax Ursh lanna Uruk-Torg Uthrael Beoac Vargurat Végard Vidus Viduwaed Voshatraum Waetan's Lodge Waldmarhbaurg Wanbuil Wangail Warfinger Wayhidstede Weld Wessun's Farm Whiterock Creek Widlingholt Wíthibord Wolf Flat Wood Mere Woodland Hall Vrakiabaurg Zagh Kala

3019 TA: Agistath Aldburh Amon Angened Amon Gastal Amon Lhaw Amon Tamró Amon Thyryn Anduin Passage Ânghum-maudhûl Ânug-stazg Anvilmount Ashúrz Maufulug Audaghaim Azanulinbar-dum Bandit Lair Barad Angol Barak-shathur Barrows of the Northmen Bat Dome Beacon Tower Beinharn Beorn´s House Black Knob Burgûl-stazg Bûrzkala Caras Amarth Carrock Castle Orlmond Cave of the marsh-ogre Cave of the Urdharkonur Caves of Ulund Celebannon Chasm of the Great Vampire Chill and windsweft Grave Cirith-Auris Cirith Gondmaeglom Cirith Himninond Cirith Mithlin Cold-drake Burrows Cor Angaladh Crossings od Celduin Crundel Daedric's Gap Dain´s Halls Dale Dancing Spire Dannenglor Deep Cleft Den Lóke Dolni Keep Durbúrz-stazg Dying Glacier Echad Glamodúd Echad Mothelen Echad Sirion Edric's Town Endless Caverns Enesgaroth Eolburg Erebor Eryn Dolen Esgaroth Estolad Mernael Fállug Fennas Guldur Fireheart Mine Forest Barrow Forest Gate Galford Gaol of Sauron Garmadh-maudhûl Gath Ulunn Gâthlata Giant Web Gladden Goat Mountain Gold Hill Gondmaeglom Gostannon Great Stone Cairn Grimarr's Hall Grimbeorn's Halls the Grotto Gulch Hill Guldur Bridge Gundabad Gyogorasag Sanctuary Hall of Ghosts Haudh-en-Aiganaur Haudh-en-Ohtarrin-Morin Haunted Inn Helethir Hoarwell Hoary Mountain Hongoi Iach Celduin Iavassúl's Watch Impassable Chasm Irerock Ironthorpe Isenholt Kingstone Kravod Krul Lugu Kúfuzg Lagúrz Lug Lindil Longpeak Lonsdale Lugdúmp Lunn Doring Mack's Well Markway Maudhûl-ulur Mere of Roots Minas Raug Mithechad Mirkwood Maze Mount Udunanca Mountain Hall Naur-hoit Necromancer's Pass North Stair Old Ford Old Forest Hold Orlane Oropher's Rest Ost Galadh Ost-in-gil Ovir Hollow Parliament of Spiders Plinth Prin Pultavod Radagasts's Gardens Raiderhold Redhall Rhosgobel Rhovanost Riverrun Riverstead Roaring Falls Ruins of the Refuge Sâd Doldúr Sâd Gúlnir Sâd Morangol Sarn Goriwing Sarnen Thuringwath Sauron´s Graveyard Sauron's Harrow Sentinel Oak Shab Arch Sorrowdrop Spider's Glade Spiders' Ring Steel Fall Strandburg Sucking Mire Temple of Araw Thangúlhad Thoronburg Thranduil's Halls Toft Trader's Isle Thunder-cleft Thunderdwelling Tirnhirion Tower of the Wolf-friend Undermountain Seals Wadling [[Warlock's Hold Watchman's Well Whiterock Creek Wind Throne Wolf Flat Woodland Hall Woodmen-Town Wood Mere Wormcove Wuduseld Zirakinbar


It´s main regions include:

the Barding Reach: Aelinann Annen Carnen Forest Dale Lands Desolation of Smaug Erebor Lang Marish Long Marshes Nan Annen Nan Carnen Nan Celduin Netherwood Nethermarches Oak Savannah Pentstow-Wood Upper Marches Vidu Marish

Emyn Muil: Amon Hen Amon Lanc Nen Hithoel Outer Ridge Rauros Falls Tindrock

Plains of Rhovanion: Athorn Vale brown lands Dor Rhûnen East central plain High Hand Hunshahadvuld Emyn Muil Gramavuld Horseman's Gap Talath Harroch

Ered Mithrin: Cirith Auris Cirith Feadin Cirith Himinand Cirith Mithlin Dragon-Gap East-Gap East of the Wall the Grey Mountains Fells Gondmaeglom Grey Mountains Narrow Lower Forks Nan Lóke Sarth nia Linquelíe Talath Oiohelka Upper Forks Uthrael Beoge West-Gap Western Heights

the Iron Hills: Azanulinbar Barak-Shathûr Nan Morsereg Valley of Azan

Lothlórien: Naith Thorlórien

Mirkwood: Amon Lanc Ashenlades Aur Esgalbar Corpse-Woods Deadly Bogs East Bight eastern eaves of Mirkwood Eaves of Mirkwood Elfwood Emyn Duir Emyn Guldur Emyn-i-Thang Emyn Lum Emynen Esgalbar Finger Lakes Forest Bower Forest Gate Galbrethin Vale Gathburz Girdle of Radagast Great Clearing Haunted Hills Heart of Mirkwood Hollow Mere of Roots Mirk-eaves Mountains of Mirkwood Mountains of Mirkwood pass Nan lanc Nan Taurduin Narrows of Mirkwood Nen Emyn Nivrim Northern Mirkwood Oak-wood Grove Old Avar Stream Realm of the Necromancer Rhúlórien Scuttledells Southern Mirkwood Taur Morvith Tauraelin Vale of the Golden Tree Western Mirkwood Woodland Realm Woodman's Glade Woodmere

Misty Mountains: Far Vales Foothill Forests Goblin Gate Great Pass Lone Fells Misty Mountain Foothills Mount Gundabad Northern Fells Old Pass Redhorn Fells Wargs' Glade

the Upper Anduin Vales: Anduin Deeps Bee Pastures Carrock Ford Carrock Vale Dourstocks Drownhold East Nether Vales of Anduin Eothéod Gladden fields Glennen Gobbleswell Gundalok Isle of Bears Langwell Nan Limlight Lorréna Nan Lothanduin Parth Celebrant Rónen-in-Anduin Sirros Thórlorien Undeeps



Rhovanion roads



Animals: Andodaio Anduin Lizards Angusaiweli Ants Atenla Aurochs Badger Bass Bats Bears Beavers Beetles Bejabar Bees Bitterns Black bears Black boar Black Forest Bats black foxes Black Mink black squirrels Black Vulture Blackbird Blackflies Blue-grey Flies Blue Otter Blue pigeon Bluebird Brown Bears Caru Cave-bears Chamber birds Char Chats Chatmoig Chickadee Chipmunks Cliff buzzards Coireali Coots Crakes Crebain Crows Cuckoo Culcarnix Dark Bats Deer Dire wolves Dumbledores dusky-coloured lynx Dwarf Hummingbird Eagles Egil's Vipers Elk Ennerlings of Mirkwood Eyes of the Forest Fell-beasts Fen boars Fenrais Fiara Finch Fishing Cat Fintonarki Fleas Forest Spiders Freshwater Lamprey Frogs Galungol Garter Giant Eel Giant martens Giant rats Glutani Goats Golden Eagles Golodos Goose Gorcrows Grass Snake Great bears Great Elk Great Spiders Great Bats Great eagles great falcons of Mirkwood Great Lizards Great Serpents Great Swans Great vampire Bats Grebe Green headed Ducks Green Pheasant Green-winged crows Grey Hawks Grey Maggots Grey wolves Grim Hawks Grosbeak Ground bees Gull Hawks Hedgehog Highland Lynx Hognose Hornets Horseflies Hounds Jatewoones Jay Kirinki Lake Trout Large Droning Beetles Lark Leeches Long-eared Foxes Longhorn Sheep Loon Marmots Marsh Cat Marsh mastiffs Marsh ponies Mearas Merisc Tyka Merlins Mice Mirkwood Bats Mirkwood Boars Mirkwood Crows Mole Moose Mosquitos Moths of Mirkwood Mountain goats Mountain lions Mountain Sheep Muck Adders Mules Muskrats Nethairin erdyr Neekerbreekers Nethraich Newt Nimfiara Northern bears Nuthatch Opossum Oxen Panfish Partridge Perch Peregrine Falcons Pickerel Pied Swans Pikes Pine Marten Pit vipers Plovr Pond Bats Prairie Falcons Praying Mantis Purple Emperors Quail Rabbits Raccoons Rats Ravens of the north Red head Woodpecker Reindeer Ringneck River Mink Robin Rough leg Hawks Salamanders Salmon Sheep-hound Short-eared owls silkworms Skunks Slign Small Falcons Small Spiders Snow lions Sparrow Sparrow-Hawks Spotted Lions Squirrels Starling Stoat Storks Sturgeon Swallow Swift Thrushes Ticks Toads Turtles Undarlaif Vault shrikes War-wolves Wargs Weasle Wels White foxes White Wolves Wild boar Wild goats Wild horses Wild Kine Wild kine of Araw Wildcats Wildhorses of Rhovanion Wolves Woodchucks Woodcock Woodmen Sheep Wren

Other: Awakened trees Cave Drakes Cavern Guardians Cold Drakes Fire-Drakes Ghosts Guardian Constructs Huorns Lesser Giants Mewlips Skeletons Swampstars Water drakes Werewolves Wights


Arlan Berterin Bursthelas Carefree mustard Chap Beech Dagnather Din fuinen Furry Oak Kelventari Lichen Gloriosa marshrush Milk-white Trumpet Mirenna Rewk Rose Trees Thurl Tulaxar


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