Radlúk the Beastmaster

was a member of the masters of Isengard and Saruman´s chief beastmaster.A fearsome and grizzled Isengard Orc, Radlúk was chief of Saruman’s

beast-masters, and was chosen for his natural ability to breed, tame, and train wolves, Wargs, and other beasts. Older than many Orcs, Radlúk had served the Dark Powers for centuries, breeding Wargs in Mount Gundabad for the Great Goblin. Radlúk was heavily scarred, and a few of his fingers were missing from wayward bites from his fierce charges. Thick-bodied and stout, he was a great, fat one-eyed Orc, with a long scar across his missing eye, and a piece of leather riveted over the empty socket. Lame in one leg, he leaned on a twisted staff of black wood. Living with beasts all the time, he had learned the Beast-speech spell as a magical ability.


Radlúk can be identified with the unnamed Isengard Informant shown in the movie trilogy.


  • the Lord of the Rings Role-Playing Game: Isengard (Sourcebook)

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