Radagast the Brown

Radagast the Brown
was a servant of Yavanna and went to Middle-earth as one of the Istari.

A lover of plants and lesser beasts - particularly birds - he cared little for politics or societal norms and was considered rather odd by his fellow Wizards. Radagast's name was derived from the language of the Woodmen, his original name was Aiwendil (Q. "Friend of Birds").



  • Alchemical tools
  • Erivagil (Sword)
  • Forest sled
  • Glove of Radagast
  • Hickory Staff
  • Pocketed Robes
  • Robes of Aman
  • weather beaten hat

Other Names


The Name Radagast had a double meaning in Adûnaic the name meant Tamer of Beasts while it meant "Advising Guest" in the language of the Woodmen.

Outer History

Unlike other Northron names, Radagast's ("Advising Guest") name is not a latinized Gothic, Anglo-Saxon or Old Norse form but obviously Old Frankish in origin (more common for personal names found among some Hobbit families).


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