QuestGame was a Game developed by Iron Crown Enterprises for Solo-Adventures in Middle-Earth.Quest Books were released as "Tolkien Quest" in 1985 and later in 1988 as "Middle-Earth Quest" Books.The Second edition MERP Rulebook also included an introductionary solitaire-Adventure to be played with the QuestGame Rules.

Middle-Earth Quest

  • rescue in Mirkwood
  • a spy in Isengard
  • treason at helm´s Deep
  • mines of Moria
  • search for the Palantir
  • Lost in the Lonely Mountain (unpublished)
  • Mission to Mordor (unpublished)
  • Murder in Minas Tirith (unpublished)
  • Pirates off Pelargir (unpublished)
  • Quest for the Palantír: The Ruins of Annuminas (unpublished)
  • Race from Rivendell (unpublished)

Tolkien Quest

  • Night of the Nazgûl
  • Legend of Weathertop
  • rescue in Mirkwood
  • Murder in Minas Tirith (unpublished)

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