The Petty Dwarves (S."Noegyth Nibin") were the degenerated descendants of Dwarves who were exiled from the great eastern Dwarven-Cities for a great crime held secretive by dwarven-lore.


a Petty Dwarf

were a dying race before the birth of the Sun and the Moon. The last of their kin were long assumed to have finished their lives during the Elder Days, and only one, the treacherous Mîm, is mentioned in the Elvish histories of those times. However, a few fled from Beleriand before its fall at the end of the First Age. They have managed to survive in dark lairs in hidden corners of Eriador ever since, periodically making appearances that are told in legends and odd, sad, old tales.



Although the true reason for the exile of the petty dwarves was usually kept silent about, Loremasters have supposed that the Petty Dwarves ancestors were those jealous and treacherous dwarves that had taken part at the Battle of Palisor on the side of those Hildor and Orcs who had served the first temple of Melkor.


Petty Dwarves of renown


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