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Map of Osgiliath

  • Type: City in Decline (Third Age)
  • Inhabitants: 90% Gondorian,10% Mixed Mannish .
  • Population: TA 3019  ~2,500;  (TA 1149  ~100,000)   
  • Origin: Founded by Elendil in SA 3320
  • Purpose: The former capital of Gondor; a center for learning and art; the major port for Anduin traffic.
  • Symbol: The White Tree surrounded by Seven Stars

Osgiliath has been plagued by disaster. Castamir's supporters burned the city during the Kin-strife, and repairs never restored its original beauty. Then the city was devastated by the Plague, losing half of it's citizens in a few short months. The King moved his seat to Minas Anor, leaving only a desperate few to live among the crumbling buildings. A small but able detachment of soldiers guard the decrepit bridge across the Anduin. Despite it's strategic importance as a river-crossing, the King is almost helpless to prevent the decline of what was once the most beautiful city of Gondor into a pathetic ruin and a den of brigands.

Places of Note

  • Abad Atanatar
  • Abad Minalcar
  • Ancient Harbor
  • Arms Factory
  • Bar Annabon
  • Bar Raudh
  • Basilica of Beruthiel
  • Baths of Cerisan
  • Bazaars
  • Bull Market
  • Burnt Column of Ostoher
  • Captured Watchtower
  • Cerisan Manor
  • Common Hallows
  • Condir Gate
  • Crown Inn
  • East Quarter
  • Falasser Gate
  • Falassion Gate
  • Fisher-Town of Helluin
  • Flooded Ruins of Belthil
  • Foodmerchants
  • Forum of Narmacil
  • Forum of Turambar
  • Gardens of Beleganor
  • Gate of Salmar
  • Gate of Tulkas Victorious
  • Great Granary
  • The lower Harbor
  • House Calardan
  • Houses of Healing
  • Hyarmendol
  • Hyarost Gate
  • Iant Breithon
  • Iant Ciryaher
  • Ianr Rómendacil
  • Iant Sollen
  • The King's Library
  • Lumbar Quays
  • Mausoleum of Morvegil
  • Men Alcarin
  • Menelvagor Quays
  • Military Baths
  • Minas Númen
  • Noble Houses
  • Obelisk of Atanatar
  • Old Bridge
  • Olive Trees
  • Palatium
  • Rond Giliath
  • Rotunda of Este
  • Rotunda of Osse
  • Rozinbarad
  • Ruined Square
  • Ruined Tower
  • Ruins and Pasture
  • Sactuary of Ulmo
  • Serondo's Cellar
  • Silver Gate
  • Theatre of Alagos
  • Thoronúmen Ghetto
  • Tol Gilthoniel
  • Warehouses and Brothels
  • West Gate
  • Westgate Gaol
  • West Quarter
  • Wilwarin Quarter

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