Arthedain's Southern March, also known as Harvaneth or the older Taur Nomdor (Q."Oakwood-Realm") was a region of Siragale that comprised lands lying on the north bank of the Baranduin and west of the Fox Downs. This was Siranna country, for the most part , but dotted by Sinda glades and retreats. Eriadoran trappers and traders given leave by the Elves visited the March, generally where river access could be had from Girithlin. Smugglers and bandits turned up in the Southern March as well, risking the wrath of the Elves to avoid the justice of Men. This was a small enouh problem that neither King Araphor or King Argeleb II had bothered to appoint a reeve for the March. In Cor Wilishar , the largest Elvish community in Harvaneth , Men and Hobbits minded their manners ; troublemakers were brought before the glade gathering or its clan-lord Halatir , the local Siranna chieftain. His solution to most problems was confiscation of all wealth and permanent banishment.


  • MERP:Arnor

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