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Núrn - the sad Land

Núrn, the "Sad Land," constituted all of southern and eastern Mordor. A semi-arid plateau, it served as the breadbasket of Sauron's wicked kingdom. Its numerous Hildo inhabitants, most of whom were enslaved, included the Mordorin- and Nûradja-speaking tribesmen indigenous to the Núrn Basin.


Auducar Núrn Caradhram Núrn Den Núrn Ered Glamhoth Ghurzun Gurthrant Maegond Nargil Nargil Pass Núrn Basin Núrn Plains Núrnen Slave Fields


Bar-Dúath Barad-wath Burch Nurn Buth Ovaisa Caran Cirith Núrn Culduin Eastern Guard Garnagom Kûl-Tarkorûl Lug Vrasfotak Luglûrak Núrgost Nurumurl Nurza-Shûk Ost-Núrnen Rûl Sturlurtsa Núrn Tegarmaglûr Thaurband Virk-Ulgath Zarok Ioriag



  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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