the Northmoors and Meadow downs

North Moors was the Hobbit name for the grass-covered downlands on the northern edge of the Shire colony . The Tarmas had called them the Meadow Downs . Hobbit hunters and shepherds wandered across them from the new settlements in the Northfarthing , but the Tarma peasants had defended their grazing rights fiercely , beating and even killing Halfling trespassers . There had been talk among the common folk of retaliatory "havoks" or even killing raids south into the woodlands. Tarma officials would react strongly to any such riotous acts, more because of the challenge to their authority then out of concern for the Hobbits.However, they paid little attention to mutterings among the "rabble, " and blood-shed could result .

After the fall of Arthedain the Northmoors served as a northern frontier of the Shire . Beyond the moors lay Tammerglade Woods, good hunting country but also the refuge for desperate types drifting south off the Wildland Trail to avoid the Rangers and Rivermen. At the western end of the moors, the Westlake Trail tracked past the ruins of Tarmabar to connect Long Cleeve with the hill country. At the eastern end of the moors, the Lakehead Trail passed from Greenfields through the wild country that used to be the fief of Calembar all the way to Lake Evendim. It crossed the Oakshade Stream in a little valley. To the Hobbits of the Northfarthing, this little river crossing, called Lost Ford, symbolized their northern border. The ford was often mentioned in conversation about the northern bounds .

A white ghost was said to haunt these bounds, appearing mainly on the North Moors but occasionally turning up around Lost Ford. Whether she was an Elvish or mannish spirit was unsure, but some thought she might have been related to the last of the Tarmas. Local Hobbits who saw this slightly glowing whitish figure on the Moors after dark knew to ran quickly for wooded or lower ground, for the ghost shied away from trees. The spirit was said to judge people she met, and she used a ghostly bow on them. Her arrows carried curses; minor ones for lazy shepherds, banes of fear for thieves and rustlers, and ugly deaths for brigands and murderers.


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