Nobottle and surrounding Lands

Nobottle was a small logging village just off the Fairwater road between Little Delving and Bywater. Its Cutters' Guild was known throughout the Westfarthing.

Nobottle about TA 1640

The more sensible of the Cutters have been making a good living helping the Hobbits build farms; their saws and axes have saved many an immigrant family a harsh first winter in the Shire. The Cutters have saved their earnings, and most have a good deal of silver coin cached in the area. Bandits are taking note, and the Guild retirees face many obstacles while they arrange to buy livings for themselves elsewhere in Arthedain. If something ugly does occur, the bandits involved will be in serious trouble; the Cutters have more friends among the Shire-folk than any other Men in Siragale .

Places of Note:


Bert Greenshins Molliwara Boffin


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