The Ninevet (W."Fleet-Newt") was an almost totally aquatic amphibian, a strange and loathsome carnivore that inhabited marshes, swamps, lakes, or slow-moving rivers throughout Middle-earth. It was very common in the Nindalf (Wetwang) marshes. Ninevet floated just below the surface of the water, looking (if they were visible at all) like dead logs. When they spotted a potential victim (anything from a duck to a man, depending upon the size of the Ninevet), they erupted directly below it, stunning the creature. If it was a small enough creature, the prey was swallowed immediately. Otherwise, the Giant Hellbender wrestled its victim to the bottom with its leathery paws and sharp claws, holding it down until the struggle ceased. It then swallowed the victim at its leisure, relaxing and expanding its flexible maw to lit the meal at hand. Ninevet could go for weeks without eating, but had little stamina in action, so any creature large and strong enough to offer a protracted struggle might be released as the Ninevet swam off in search of easier prey.


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