The New Lands in the late second Age

The New Lands (Q.Vinyanore) or Outer Lands (Q."Avanóre") were a semi-legendary continent, or rather a number of several smaller continents, on the other hemisphere of Ambar on opposite side to Middle-Earth. The Continent was discovered and it´s coastlines explored by the Númenoreans in the Second Age.Some believed that the New Lands were identical with the mythical continent Easternesse of the Elder Days while other Scholars theorized that the new Lands must have been a newly created continent that was formed from those parts of Ambar that had been  hidden below the Sea before the bending of Ambar or after the great cataclysm.


Helcaraxe Icelands Greenlands Wild Isles


The depicted map is partially based on Professor Tolkiens raw sketches published in The Shaping of Middle-Earth and to some lesser degree his early drawing of the "World Ship" and the World of Arda, published in the Book of Lost Tales. The maps main inspiration however comes from a painting by Professor Tolkien , entitled "The Man in the Moon", showing the Moon with it's Towers, and faraway, Planet Earth, with the continent Northamerica an parts of middle- or southamerica and another illustration entitled "The White Dragon pursues Roverandom", originally drawn for Tolkien's Roverandon story, but later reused as a proposed illustration for "The Hobbit -There or Back again". Several other maps and interpretations found on the internet were drawn from as inspiration as well.

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