The Northern Moors and Greenfields

Greenfields' (S. "Nangelin", or "Valley of Greens") was a village , situated at the important trail junction of the Moorland and Greenfields Traces ,

In TA 1640

Nangelin remains in Tarma control after four decades of Hobbit settlement . From here , several small trails pass over the North Moors and into the uncontested Tarma lands , while the Greenfields Trace leads south directly to Oatbarton and the Eastfarthing . Both Lord Tarma and the Fallohide brothers keep a close watch on events in Greenfields . Brandir Haranholir , a Roquen (knight ) of House Tarma , rules here with the aid of a village moot Forty years ago , in his youth , Brandir rashly agreed to allow Hobbit settlers to have a voice at the moot . Local relations have gotten uglier in the wake of the Great Plague and the continuing political crisis in Arthedain . Brandir has allowed the men of Greenfields to shout down some Hobbit speakers at the moot and ban others for the sin of being newly immigrated . The Hobbit leaders have appealed to the King in a petition . They are angry enough to ask for a ruling denying the authority of any Tarma official to govern them. The court in Fornost is quietly delaying action on this radical demand , hoping for a negotiated settlement.

About TA 3019

Greenfields is a market center for the northern Shire and a place to meet strangers from the Twilight Hills and other lands beyond the bounds. Greenfields even serves as a fishmarket when trout from Lake Evendim and pike from the upper Brandywine are available. It is also a source of fine woolens, woven from the fleece of sheep grazed on the North Moors. "Moorland sweaters are a common sight in the Shire when the weather turns cold. The Greenfields looms also produce them in sizes suitab e for "Big Folk", which is unusual. Greenfields' Chief Shirriff, Boddin Todmingle, is a tougher peace officer than might be expected in a Shire village. The town collects strange characters from beyond the bounds, mainly Rangers, Rivermen, and trappers from the Twilight Hills. Greenfields was the target of the goblins of Mount Gram during their raid across the Northfarthing in 2747. The invading force was defeated and scattered by a muster of the Hobbitry-in-Arms led by Bandobras "Bullroarer " Took. A coppice east of the town shelters a monument to Bullroarer's victory.


1640: Brandir Haranholir Idril Mallick

3019: Boddin Todmingle Halros Mungo Burrows Tobias Brockhouse


  • MERP:the Shire

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