The Mur Fostisyr

Located north and east of the Barl Syrnac, western branch of the Iron Mountains, Mur Fostisyr was a collection of rugged Isles and peninsulas. Covered with tundra (in the north) or taiga (in the south), they served as the home for scattered bands of Mornerin-speaking nomads. These hunters and fishermen often ranged well out onto the adjoining Gulf of Ûtum.

Settlements and Places of Note

Aalk Gaath A-Arnaar A-Tykaar Brya Sug Garaz-khamil Itaraan Kaldaraak-Vaar Lu'nak Palace of Ataarn Quellbourne Rapata Syclax Syrkakar Systax Taartayn Taurkytaal Tharg-Jironak Uda Tyygk Var Ukaag


Adea Hu Black Fork Mountains Fosark Ay Fuir Gath Ku Gosti Hyr Harl Syrna Hegra Surm Kanga Syrn Ky'taari Shay Kyvinaar Mur Brya Mur Fustir Nay Fostisyr Saralis Syrkya Taaliraan (Mur Fostisyr) Ukur Forest Urm Lyvug Von Syclax Yalf Hurm Yalf Yorn Yalg Kway Yalg Syclax Yon Vu Zjeth Hyyd


Jaibu Kirii Koylarini Nemmi Sea-drakes Seals Snowshoe Hare Snow Mice Thyfur Torkani War-dogs Whales White Deer White Hawks White Wolves


Chegra Fustir Fustir-gost Haid Ky'taari Palach Syrkakar Udahir

Outer Information

The Region of Mur Fostisyr was originally created for ICE's early Loremaster (ICE Series) module The Iron Wind, the Area was later included into both of the company's Fantasy Worlds, the Shadow World Continent of Jaiman and their northeastern Middle-Earth setting with the odd result that now two entirely diffenent fantasy worlds share a much similar scenario and geographic region.


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon
  • Loremaster: The World of Vog Mur

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