Muddling Annis was a horrible creature whose name derived from Eriadoran lore, belonging to an evil female spirit who drowned men in the Overbourne Marshes. The inhabitants of Swansong Nape had, through their own wickedness, inadvertently given shape to this legend.Brigands had kidnapped several young girls in Cardolan intending to sell them on the slave markets in Umbar. When outraged parties from Sarn Ford and the Freeholder's League searched the length of the river to find their missing children, the girls were beaten senseless and dumped in the river to drown with stones tied around their necks. One of the victims, Remlis Helmsdottir, had an intricate tattoo on her shoulder containing a protective curse composed by her grandfather, a local spiritualist. The spell embedded in her shoulder didn't save Remlis' life, but instead summoned an evil spirit, a Feadegnir, into the world, with Remlis' as its focus.The Annis lived on the river bottom of the Baranduin near Swansong Nape, fearing and hating mannish life and the lights of the mannish world it once knew. It desired revenge, having a dim awareness of who was responsible for its murder.