the Races Of Middle Earth

Riders Of Rohan

Thieves Of Tharbad

Armies Of The Witch King

Tom Bombadil & The Shire Folk

Halls Of The Wood Elf King

Far Harad

  • M073 Caravan Guard Mounted on Camel
  • M074 Caravan Guard on Foot
  • M075 Visi Footguard & Officer
  • M076 Wealthy Trader Councillor
  • M077 Sand man
  • M078 The Razarac (Great Winged Demon)
  • M079 Junasts Guard with Sword & Shield
  • M080 Lesinas (2)
  • M081 Adventurer in Desert Garb
  • M082 Master of the Tama

Mirkwood 1

Mount Gundabad

Mirkwood 2

The [[Prancing Pony

  • M113 Strider, Frodo & Sam
  • M114 Seated Card Players
  • M115 Serving Girl & Hobbit
  • M116 Drinking Companions
  • M117 Seated Men Drinking
  • M118 Bill Ferny & Southron Spy
  • M119 Pot Boy & Dog
  • M120 Seated Lute Player and Singing Girl
  • M121 Drunken Men
  • M122 Tables, Chairs etc*

Fellowship Of The Ring


Personalities of the 3rd Age

Gorgoroth - the Plains of Mordor

Durin's Dwarves

  • M155 Thorin Oakenshield
  • M156 Thrain Dwarven king
  • M157 Dwarven Royal Guardsmen
  • M158 Dwarven Craftsman
  • M159 Dwarven Infantry (2)
  • M160 Dwarven Alchemist
  • M161 Dis, Dwarven Maiden
  • M162 Dwarf Adventurer on Pony
  • M163 Dwarven Adventurer
  • M164 Dain Ironfoot & Azog (2)

Ghost Warriors


vM184 White Hand Orc with Pippin

Fangorn Forest

Minas Tirith

Elves of Lorien

Tale Of Turin

Mithril Fellowship

The Hobbit

Mithril Fellowship

The Ancient Folk

Mithril Fellowship

The Last Alliance

Mithril Fellowship

  • MS280 Chieftain lifted by 3 warriors on shield...



Mithril Fellowship

The Misty Mountain

The Orcs Of The Red Eye

  • M309 Orc Warband Leader
  • M310 Mordor Orc Standard Bearer
  • M311 Mordor Orc Archers (2)
  • M312 Mordor Orc Drummer
  • M313 Armoured Orcs (2)
  • M314 Orc Rider On Charging Warg
  • M315 Orc Rider On Running Warg

Women Of Middle Earth

Frodo & Sam in Mordor


  • MB336 Orc Warband (Box)
  • MB337 Gondor Warband (Box)

House Of Elrond

Hobbits Of The Shires

Lord Of The Rings Vignettes 1

Thorin & Dain

The Lord Of The Rings Vignettes 2

The Rangers Of Ithilien

The Village of Bree

The Battle of Mirkwood

(Sept 2004) (limited to 1000)

(April 2005) (limited to 1000)

(limited to 1000)

(Sept 2005) (limited to 1000)

(May 2005)

The Armies of Gondor - Lossarnach

  • M424 Lossarnach Lord, Forlong the Old
  • M425 Foot Officer
  • M426 Standard Bearer
  • M427 Infantry advancing with axe / sword (2)
  • M428 Infantry defending with axe / sword (2)
  • M429 Infantry with 2 handed axe / sword) (2)
  • M430 Infantry charging with axe / sword (2)
  • M431 Infantry advancing raised axe / sword (2)
  • M432 Infantry with sword / axe (2)
  • M433 Infantry herald

Mithril Fellowship

(October 2005)

(November 2005)

(December 2005)

(January 2006)

(February 2006)

(March 2006)

  • MS441 Bilbo the Barrel Rider

(March 2006)

(April 2006)

MERP Middle-Earth Characters


(Vignette May 2006)

(June 2006)

(August 2006)

(limited to 100)

(October 2006)

(October 2006)

(November 2006)

(January 2007)

(February 2007)

(March 2007)

  • MS463 Unknown
  • MS464 Female Ranger -

(April 2007)

(April 2007)

(June 2007)

(June 2007)

(August 2007)

(August 2007)

(November 2007)

(November 2007)

Mordors Armies - The Corsairs of Umbar

  • M472 Corsairs Slave Oarsman with axe
  • M473 Umbar Captain
  • M474 Umbar Marine Officer
  • M475 Corsairs Seaman with spear
  • M476 Corsairs Seaman with bow
  • M477 Corsairs Seaman with grappling hook
  • M478 Corsairs Marine advancing with sword
  • M479 Corsairs Marine running with sword
  • M480 Corsair Sailor with scimitar
  • M481 Corsair Slave Oarsman with cudgel

Shadows of Angmar computer game

Mithril Classics

Mithril Classics Double

Mithril LO 54mm Releases

The Lord of the Rings (LR), Limited

Mithril LT Helms Deep

Mithril Fellowship

Christmas Specials


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