Two independent realms co-exist beneath the eaves of Mirkwood 's trees. The Silvan Elves of King Thranduil wander the northernmost reaches of the forest (the Woodland Realm), while the rustic Woodmen occupy the regions bordering the Men-i-Naugrim. The southernmost portion of Mirkwood was ruled by the Necromancer of Dol Guldur.


  • Type: Mixed Forest
  • Area: 77,400 square miles
  • Elevation: Average - 1,012 feet. Lowest point:  Tauraelin (S. "Forest Marshes") 617 feet.  Highest point:  Amon Lanc (S. "The Naked Hill" ) 5,266 feet.
  • Climate: Average Annual Precipitation:  20-40 inches. Mean Annual Temperature:  45-55°F.  Average Low - Ninui:  10°F average high. Urui: 90 °F
  • Composition: The rocks which lie underneath the great forest of Mirkwood are primarily sedimentary strata of limestone and shale. There is some evidence of volcanic activity sometime in the past, notably the cinder cone of Amon Lanc and the Mountains of Mirkwood, which are a huge projection of granite through the surrounding sedimentary layers. The Mirkwood Elves have mined some gems from these mountains in the past. If any significant finds yet exist remains to be seen.
  • Notes: Mirkwood is a great forest of oaks, maples, elms, conifers, and a countless variety of undergrowth. Though Mirkwood is a part of Rhovanion, it is so imposing a feature on the map that it merits special mention.

Mirkwood holds a number of communities, from the Orcish servants of the Necromancer, to the reclusive Woodmen, to the graceful Silvan Elves. Since around the year T.A. 1000, a Shadow fell in the southern reaches of Mirkwood. There, the trees grew twisted and evil, allowing little light through their gnarled boughs. Trolls, fell beasts, and giant spiders made  their homes in this part of the forest, and Men gave the region a wide berth. The forest is less dark to the north, but a heavy aura of gloom nevertheless permeates the air among the trees. Only three paths cross through the forest, and travellers who stray off them may never be seen again. Travellers in Mirkwood should go well armed and in a large group.




By T.A. 3019:


By T.A. 3019:


By T.A. 1640:

By T.A. 2941-3019:



Places of Note

By T.A. 1650:

By T.A. 3019:



Black Emperors Black Forest Bats Black Squirrels Cavern Guardians Crows Eyes of the Forest Forest Spiders Great Bats Great Spiders Forest Wolves Snakes Guldur Statues Mirkwood Bats Undead Werewolves White Statues



  • Dry Watercourse
  • Enchanted Stream
  • Forest River
  • Green River
  • Lost River
  • Old Avar Stream


  • Eryn Galen
  • Eryn Lasgalen
  • Great Greenwood
  • Greenwood the Great
  • Taur-nu-Fuin
  • Wood of Greenleaves


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