Gamuthill and Minas Malloth

Minas Mallothhad once ben an Arthadan hold, lying on a high ridge of the South Downs, east of the Barrow-downs and southeast of Bree at the end of a road that intersected the Men Formen close to Gamuthill village.It was the Tyrn Gorthad's chief fortress and became the heart of the Cardolandren border defense.The Baron of the Gorthad lands once held court here, but after the last Hir of Tyrn Gorthad died in the battle, his son abandoned Minas Malloth and fled north through Bree. An Arthadan force recaptured the fortress a year later, but it was never rebuilt.

Because of the religious significance of these lands, the Hirdor once had a relatively large Dúnadan population. There were several religious orders located in Andrath or near the citadel at Minas Malloth, and in small monasteries on the downs themselves,most notably the Priests of the Barrow-downs.


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