Milome-i-Tarma above Mithlond

The southernmost Mannish village in Numeriador, Milome-i-tarma was tucked nicely away atop a ridge overlooking the Elven port

of Mithlond, some twenty-three miles distant. Many hunters and trappers resided here, as the town was actually built beneath a large overhang of rock. The overhang provided the town with protection from the winter's bitter cold and violent storms. Some of the homes in Milome-i-tarma were integrated wholly or partially into the base of the cliff. A small network of squarely carved tunnels made the town seem smaller than it really was. Within the tunnels, a single spiral stairway traveled up a natural chimney to the top of the cliff, some 600 feet above. Many songs had been written about the incredible and unobstructed view one obtains of the southern Lhûn valley from this vantage. In all, the elevation was nearly 6000 feet above sea level and the port of Mithlond. Situated on the road running north from the Grey Havens along the base of the Ered Luin, Milome-i-Tarma served as a point of trade between the urban population of the port city and the rural folk dwelling amidst the hills and forests of Numeriador. Timber, quarried rock, and rare herbs were exchanged for tools, weapons, fabrics, and the odd luxury item.


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