Situated on a great, sandy island between the Marish and the Brandywine, Rushy was once the center of Riverman trade alog the river.

Rushy in TA 1640

Thuidimer of Flynettle has taken over much of the trade. Euric Thuigildsun, the ancient, white-haired patriarch of the three clans living in and near the village, suspects Thuidimer of using evil magics to better his clan's position. In truth, Thuidimer, while a bully, is an effective and charismatic leader and has simply outmaneuvered his old rival. Euric, unusually for a Riverman, has no particular bias against Hobbits; he has allowed Stoors to settle in the Marish west of his village, hoping to gain advantage from connections with the new immigrants. He has also consulted with several rather frightening Northman mystics, seeking unspecified "spiritual assistance" in his struggle with Thuidimer and Deephallow House. Bredda, Euric's grand-daughter, dislikes Hobbits, but is otherwise a basically decent person. She has argued against Euric's eerie machinations, but has been forced to remove her children from the family's great hall. Bredda has warned the Stoors of the Marish and Stock of approaching danger, combining her own healer's insights with reports of strange, reptilian creatures seen along the marshland trails between Rushy and Flynettle.


Bredda Thuigildsun Euric Thuigildsun


  • MERP:The Shire

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