Lord of the Rings Adventure Game (LOR) was a simple role-playing game released by Iron Crown enterprises in 1991.The Game was designed for a game master and multiple players but was also suitable for solo-adventure play since the Adventures were written in the style of gamebooks.The rules were designed to be played with a mini-campaign of 6 sequential adventure scenarios of which the first was included with the boxed rules.In all a complete of six Adventure modules were planned of which the final 2 were never published.LOR is not to be confused with The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Adventure Game.

Adventure Modules

  • Dawn Comes Early (released with the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game Boxed set)
  • Darker than the Darkness (contains 2nd and 3rd LOR scenarios)
  • Over the Misty Mountains Cold (contains 4th LOR scenario)
  • Before the Goblins (unreleased)
  • Greatest of the Forests (unreleased)

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