A wandering Chawul

The Woodmen of the farthest-east (Wm."Chawul") were an enigmatic people of the second Age.They inhabited the vast Forest-Lands of the utter east, in neighbourhood to the Avari.Originally primitive, forest-dwelling, tribes they came under the influence of Wômaw emissaries (who at the time had been teached by both Avari-Elves and the Dragon Utumkodur) and evolved into the Aegaw and Lôkaw (the Lôchans), two tribes which were counted as Wômaw.The Woodmen probably were closely related to the Cuivac and the Surk (the Surk having Cuivac and the Lôchans having Surk ancestors).A small minority of woodmen, the Lemnbarbátsi, seems to have remained in the deeper woodlands, still lagging behind in the technology of the Age.

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