Ladyford and the Valley of Correna

Corréna was a small village and beautiful woodland valley in the northeastern corner of Siragale . A smal l keep , held by a Tarma knight ,once ruled the few men in this quiet corner of Arthedain with leave from the Elves . The fief of Corren a was originally granted soon after the division of Arnor , but the last heir of the original line had died in the Second Northern War.

TA 1640

The current knight , Gathdin , is cursed with ambition . With the Elves leaving , he seeks to expand his cleared holdings . However , Sularin , the clan lord in this area , dislikes Gathdin intensely and has refused to grant him any further privileges . His lordship is further outraged by the Elves' tolerance of Hobbit squatters . Two clans of Fallohides have moved into the eastern end of the valley of Corililt Water , while Stoors have moved into a farther valley just above the Teal Marshes . Neither group pays any attention to Gathdin ; when next he thinks the Sirannar are looking away , he may try to enforce his rights violently .

About TA 3019

Actually, Ladyford in this century was the site of a bridge. Legend had it that the last Elvish Princess of Siragale drowned herself here. The Elves did not record such an event; they seldom spoke at all about the fate of the Lady Elindiel . The name of this river crossing did , however , recall a little-known tragedy involving a descendent of the Knights of Corena. The suicide had something to do with the fate of the family treasure after the fall of Arthedain, and the curse of a noble Elf , possibly Elindiel herself. Few surviving records relate the incident; an Elf questioned by Frodo Baggins , according to his diary, "said it was far more boring than one might expect, which only made this Hobbit far more curious about it. "


1640: Elindiel Gathdin Sularin



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