The Lôkhaw Dominion

Lôkhas Drûs, the "Dominion of never-ending Glens" encompassed all of the areas once ruled by the lords of Lôkhas proper. Administrative units were organized along cultural lines and basically correspond to traditional ethnic areas. After the division of the Lôkhaw empire in T.A. 1794, various successor kingdoms and confederations arose-many of whom were based on ancient cultural divisions or claims. While striving to eliminate any obvious vestiges of their long-standing subserviency, they often retained the names and borders of bequeathed by their Lôkhan-speaking overlords.

Settlements and Points of Interest

Ahule Âlk Wâw Âlk Brôd Âlk Yarkbalka Arg-Sim Bâs Brûl Faliodukûm Cabe Cleâc Fullagrod Hent Horm Hothac Smew Kankanan K'fig K'il K'iv Mindo Clytac Moag Monars Nhâg Olyas Runk Ruseva Símor Sôgôl Sûrk Tarsa Taursa Tor Ts'eml Yelshey Zyras

Lands of Lôkhas Drûs

Arg-Sîmorîg Brôd Cabe Címóníemor Diolôkha Drôd Faelaan Fenfenen Halôkha Hent Horl Ka'ish Kankanan Lôkhas Maralôkha Monars Prorse Rale Bursian Rale Cuvian Ralian Rualôkha Rûrîk Shay Tana Tarsa Tife Lenian Unvirnay Wâl Waw Wôl


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon

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